Shaping Trends

With a diverse portfolio of businesses and widely popular brands, Time Warner has strategically positioned itself to lead the fast-changing media industry. Time Warner uses its scale, brands and creative know-how to grow, adapt to and drive the latest consumer, technological and industry trends.

The following articles and research studies provide further information on issues that are important to our corporate strategy and the operation of our businesses, as well as instances of how these trends and strategies have proven successful in our companies and across the industry.


As with all emerging platforms, whether it's TV, film or publishing, we want to provide consumers with the best choices and we want to do it in a way that gives us fair economics.


The biggest hits, the biggest brands are being used more than ever and are becoming more important...Big brands help consumers sort through the clutter and the capabilities of digital allow each of us to get to the big hits without waiting in line.


More convenience, more choice, getting things the way you want it, when you want it on the devices you want and then, this is critical, not only is it a better deal for consumers but because the digital system is so efficient, it allows us to give those more affordable, more attractive deals for our content in a way in which the economics that we've enjoyed are sustainable and probably can grow.