Telling the World's Stories

We believe that as a global media and entertainment company we can create economic and social value through our content. As we tell the world's stories through television, film, in print and online, we operate at the intersection of society, culture, and business. This is the heart of our corporate citizenship.

Journalistic Integrity

Whether in print, on television, or online, our journalists abide by high standards of ethics and strive to adhere to stringent standards of journalistic integrity. We expect our reporters and editors to be fair and honest and to confirm the facts before articles or TV segments are released to the public.

Freedom of Expression

We firmly believe in a free and independent press. A fundamental principle of journalism at our networks and publishing businesses is the ability of reporters, TV crews, and film-makers to seek out and report the facts and tell stories without interference from governments or other external influences. As a global company, we are aware of the variance in freedom of expression in some of the areas in which we operate. One of the most powerful effects of globalization is the dissolution of barriers between cultures so that people everywhere can understand the human dimensions of their similarities and differences. Whether it is through our networks, film and TV entertainment, or publishing businesses, we nurture the creative freedom of our employees, and we provide platforms for people to share and amplify their own ideas.

Diversity of Viewpoints

The diversity of our content is important to our company's success. Over the last few years, our businesses have developed content that resonates with our increasingly diverse and global consumers. We currently reach 9 out of 10 multicultural consumers in the United States through a wide range of television, film, and publishing content.

Responsible Content

We understand that our entertainment programming can have an impact on culture. Below are recent examples of the ways in which we have elevated the dialogue on important social issues through our creative programming and initiatives: