Warner Bros. Online And Fortunecity Join Forces To Create Ultimate Home Page Community For Entertainment Fans; ACMEcity Joint Venture Represents First Branded Entertainment Community in Internet History

Warner Bros. Online, one ofthe top studio sites on the Web, and FortuneCity, one of the Web'sfastest-growingcommunity site networks, announced this morning the formation of a far-reaching, global joint venture between the two organizations. The firstphaseof this collaboration, ACMEcity (http://www.acmecity.com), will be launchedtoday in what is anticipated to become the largest entertainment-orientedcommunity network ever to hit the World Wide Web.

Historically, this joint venture also represents the first time that a majorstudio or communications company has announced the intention of developingkeyproperties and brands into one centralized Web-based community. Hundreds ofdedicated community sites will be developed within the ACMEcity communityportal, part of the FortuneCity.com global community network. As part of thejoint venture framework, Warner Bros. Online will provide an extensiveamountof established and new media promotion to the entity. As a result of thisjoint venture, Warner Bros. Online will be acquiring an equity ownershipinterest in FortuneCity.com.

The fourteen initial community sites launching today emerge from fourcategories: Film, Television, Music and Comics & Animation. FortuneCity.comandWarner Bros. Online will continue to launch additional property-based fancommunity areas within the ACMEcity portal, generating an additional fiftysites within its first year. Additionally, FortuneCity.com has beendesignatedthe official community site network for all Warner Bros. Online-relatedcommunity home pages.

Highly targeted branded affinity areas will allow ACMEcity to provideconsumers and advertisers with a predictable community environment.Furthermore, each specific area within ACMEcity has "area producers" who areresponsible for reviewing all new content for community-zoning compliance.These efforts will result in a unique family-friendly and advertiser-safecommunity.

In the context of the joint venture, additional community sites developedaround key Warner Bros. Online properties will be engineered, managed, andmaintained utilizing FortuneCity's proprietary communal engine technologies.

The site network launched today has been built from the ground up as a purecommunity environment with home pages, chat, message boards and e-mail, andisnot simply an "attachment" of community generation technologies to existingWarner Bros. Online Web sites.

"At Warner Bros. Online, we salute the fans who support our brands byencouraging them to build their own dedicated home pages," stated JimMoloshok, President of Warner Bros. Online, "and we are delighted that wecanbring them closer to our properties with this unique community-buildinginitiative. This is a true marriage of Warner Bros. Online's content anddesign experience, and FortuneCity's communal technologies and globalexpertise in the community-building space. The result will be the largestentertainment-oriented community on the Internet, creating a protectedenvironment that is safe for families and advertisers alike."

"We are extremely excited to have entered into such an expansive and ground-breaking joint venture with Warner Bros. Online," stated Richard Jones, Co-founder and Co-vice chairman of FortuneCity.com. "The size and scope of thisrelationship is a total validation of FortuneCity's leadership role inglobalonline community development."

Key technology elements provided by FortuneCity will allow fans from aroundthe world to build and maintain their own officially sanctioned homepageswithin the ACMEcity community area of their choice, dedicated specificallytothe Warner Bros. movie, cartoon, television show or recording artist ofinterest. Additionally, the environment will allow fans to instantlyconversewith other aficionados within their select community area, across the entireACMEcity network, as well as anywhere within the global FortuneCity network.

Each community member will also have the ability to enable their ownWeb-based e-mail system serviced by the ACMEcity portal, with a specialized"vanity" domain address signifying their "fandom" to the property of theirchoice. Additionally, stars, producers and writers of shows, movies, or therecording industry will be deeply involved within their fan community, aswell as with contests and promotions within the site network.The entire FortuneCity/Warner Bros. Online ACMEcity community joint venturewill be promoted through television, print, online and non-traditionalmedia, as well as through publicity efforts surrounding each individualWarner Bros. Online program or project.

This relationship has also developed cross-trafficking programs both to andfrom ACMEcity's community areas, Warner Bros. Online's current stable ofproperty sites, and the FortuneCity.com global community network. Additional"next generation" cross-promotional online marketing and electronic commerceprograms will also be fully integrated throughout the entire venture.

About Warner Bros. Online
Warner Bros. Online, a division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P.,isconsistently in the top three of the most-trafficked studio sites on theInternet, according to MediaMetrix. Producers of the successful officialsites for "RosieO.com," "FriendsTV.com" and many other original Webdestinations, the company focuses on producing entertainment programming forthe Internet and commercial online services, with sites accessible throughtheWorld Wide Web at http://www.warnerbros.com.

About FortuneCity
FortuneCity.com, Inc., is one of the largest and fastest-growing globalonlinecommunity networks on the Internet. The FortuneCity sites in the USA(FortuneCity.com) and Germany (.DE) are the only true democratic, member-run,virtual-city communities in cyberspace. The FortuneCity global communitynetworkis a place where people come for fun, interaction, to build their own freehomepages, access free e-mail, and to purchase goods online. FortuneCity.com'ssites worldwide have just under 1,000,000 citizens, receive approximately612million total hits per month, attract about 700,000 visits a day, andgenerateover 110 million advertising impressions per month. FortuneCity.com wasrankedthe 13th fastest growing Web site property in the United States as of August1998 by MediaMetrix.

FortuneCity.com, a privately held corporation, was founded by Dan MetcalfeandRichard Jones in March 1997. The company generates revenue from advertising,as well as through e-commerce, e-tailing, and joint venture partnerships.FortuneCity.com has its global headquarters in New York City, overseeingoperations in London, San Francisco, Singapore, and Germany.

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