America Online Announces Appointment of Audrey Weil as CompuServe Interactive Services Chief Operating Officer

May 5, 1998

Weil Brings Ten Years of AOL Senior Management Experience to CompuServe Dulles, VA -- May 5, 1998 - America Online, Inc. today announced the appointment of Audrey Weil, the company's current Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, to the newly created position of Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for CompuServe Interactive Services. Ms. Weil brings ten years of industry experience to CompuServe, having served in numerous senior management positions at AOL and helping to direct the company's extraordinary growth. During her tenure, Ms. Weil focused primarily on brand marketing, programming and business development, and oversaw the emergence of the hallmarks that have come to identify the AOL brand, ease-of-use and convenience for mass-market consumers. As CompuServe's Senior Vice President and COO, Ms. Weil will oversee day-to-day operations at the company, concentrating in particular on revitalizing the strength of the CompuServe brand. She will report to Mayo Stuntz, President of CompuServe Interactive Services, and will relocate with her family to Columbus, Ohio. Bob Pittman, America Online's President and COO said, "When we acquired CompuServe, we said that we were committed to the long-term success of this pioneering service. Adding a seasoned senior AOL manager like Audrey Weil to the CompuServe management team reiterates that commitment. As Senior Vice President and COO, her years of industry experience and expertise in brand building will be a perfect complement to the strengths of CompuServe's President Mayo Stuntz." Pittman continued, "Audrey has played an enormous role in AOL's development from the very beginning, helping us grow from a start-up in a relatively unknown industry to the world's leading Internet online services company. She has been pivotal in ensuring that AOL remains focused on meeting the needs of our members, and in keeping us close to our roots as a community. We are excited and pleased to have Audrey play a critical part in our efforts to build the CompuServe brand." CompuServe Interactive Services President Mayo Stuntz commented, "Audrey Weil brings not only a wealth of experience and a record of success, she brings the ability to mobilize the full range of AOL resources behind revitalizing a great brand in CompuServe. I'm delighted to have Audrey join us and provide the same kind of leadership for CompuServe that she has given to AOL." Ms. Weil said, "CompuServe has a rich heritage and has long been synonymous with excellent Internet online service for serious users. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to extend AOL's commitment to this pioneering service. I look forward to working with Mayo and the CompuServe management team, building on the revitalization plan and strengthening the CompuServe product and brand for the future." CompuServe continues to be one of the best known and most successful brands in interactive services. In recent unaided awareness studies, CompuServe's brand recognition among consumers was second only to AOL in Internet online services (source: ICR, April 1998). This month, CompuServe instituted a new brand advertising program under the theme "Complete, Comprehensive, CompuServe - for those serious about Internet online," the first national advertising program for the brand in almost two years. As Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, Ms. Weil was responsible for building and maintaining America Online's brand image and key messaging. From 1994-1996, she was Senior Vice President, AOL Services, managing content, programming, and development of features and functionality of the America Online service. Ms. Weil also served at AOL as Vice President, Development/Corporate Development, from 1990-93, and was instrumental in managing technology development, evaluating acquisitions, developing new lines of business, building and managing partner relationships and developing corporate strategies including AOL's move into the international marketplace. Ms. Weil joined America Online in 1988 and served as Product Manager, Director of Product Management, and Director of Business Development before taking on the Development role. In each of her positions, Ms. Weil has reported directly to AOL Chairman and CEO Steve Case, current AOL Studios President Ted Leonsis, or current AOL President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Pittman. Ms. Weil is a Magna cum Laude graduate of Duke University, is married, and has two children.

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