Home Box Office Makes HDTV Format Decision

April 29, 1998

Leading Pay TV Network Chooses 1080 Interlaced

Home Box Office will use the 1080 Interlaced format to transmit its two HDTV channels, it was announced today by Robert Zitter, senior vice president, technology operations, HBO.Zitter noted, "Quality has always been a focal point for us; it's what consumers expect from HBO. After a thorough evaluation of the HDTV formats, we feel that 1080 Interlaced simply offers the best quality. It will be compatible with all early HDTV television sets, and since the early adopters of HDTV will most likely be today's HBO subscribers, it makes even more sense for us to go with this format."HBO is planning to introduce both an East and a West Coast HDTV feed of its main programming service in early 1999. Theatrical and HBO-produced motion pictures, which make up approximately 70% of HBO's schedule, will be offered in HDTV. HBO's other original programming will be offered in the HDTV format as the base of HDTV households grow.Home Box Office is the premium television programming division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, L.P., providing two 24-hour premium television services, HBO and Cinemax. Together, both networks reach more than 33 million subscribers in the United States via a variety of distribution modes including cable, C-band satellite, direct broadcast satellite (DBS), microwave (MMDS) and in the lodging industry. Home Box Office's international ventures bring HBO branded services to 40 countries around the globe.

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