America Online and Bloomberg Announce Partnership Making Bloomberg a Key Provider of Financial and Market News in the AOL Business News Center

February 25, 1998

Bloomberg to Offer Customized, Up-To-The-Minute, In-Depth Business News to AOL Members Dulles, VA and New York, NY, February 26, 1998 - America Online, Inc. [NYSE:AOL], the world's leading Internet online services company, and Bloomberg L.P., the global news, information and media company, today announced a partnership under which Bloomberg will become a major provider of business and market news on AOL as an anchor tenant in AOL's Business News Center. Bloomberg will also provide comprehensive news coverage to other key business and financial areas on the AOL service. Under the three-year agreement, Bloomberg will offer AOL members complete business news coverage continually updated throughout the day. Through its more than 700 reporters in over 80 news bureaus around the world, Bloomberg will also work with AOL's news editors to provide AOL members with customized expanded coverage of breaking business news stories and news of particular interest. In addition, Bloomberg will provide a package of ten daily Slideshows -- AOL's moving image and sound technology -- and other specialized news throughout the Business News Center, tailored to specific interest areas like technology, mutual funds and international news. The Business News Center is available in the Personal Finance, News and WorkPlace Channels. Bloomberg's business news will also be woven throughout popular areas within these Channels, such as Investment Snapshots, Portfolio Direct, International Business News, and the Mutual Fund and Market News Centers. "Bloomberg's outstanding business news will further increase the value of cyberspace's most complete and timely business news area," said Barry Schuler, President of AOL Interactive Services. "AOL members are increasingly managing their finances online. With its up-to-the-minute news and business information, Bloomberg will provide millions of our members the news they depend on every day to help them make informed financial decisions. By partnering with globally-respected brands like Bloomberg, the Business News Center is continuing to give AOL members the information they need to keep pace with rapidly developing business and financial markets." Michael R. Bloomberg, founder and CEO of Bloomberg L.P., added "This is a very significant partnership for Bloomberg. With nearly 60% of all household time in cyberspace spent on AOL, Bloomberg is well positioned to establish itself as the definitive online business and finance news brand for consumers." AOL's Personal Finance Channel is one of the service's most popular Channels, increasing its traffic by 70% since in the last year. According to Media Metrix research, the Channel serves five million regular users, or more than three times as many users as the top three Web-based financial sites combined. The Channel maintains over six million active investment portfolios and generates over 13 million financial graphs per month for AOL users. An average of 630,000 users access the Quotes & Portfolios area each trading day - with that number growing by an average of 10,000 new users of the area each day. The AOL Personal Finance Channel enables members to research and trade stocks and mutual funds, conduct their online banking, get the most up-to-date business and market news, access detailed financial data, and chat with other members about market trends and financial information. The Channel also offers access to financial information from respected partners like Business Week, Hoovers, Disclosure, Morningstar, Reuters, Intuit, Investors Business Daily, The Motley Fool and Sage. The AOL News Channel is the most widely used news area in cyberspace, providing up-to-the-minute information from leading news organizations such as Reuters and AP, and offering a complete package of specialized news areas, like Sports, Politics, Local, and Weather. Designed for small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, and people seeking to advance their careers, the newly-launched AOL WorkPlace Channel has already emerged as a leading business and career site in cyberspace. The WorkPlace Channel features Professional Forums, where professionals can meet clients, suppliers, and partners in more than 80 industries; Business Research where members can quickly gather data on companies, people, and industry trends; and Classifieds, offering one of the largest consolidations of job and business opportunities online.

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