HBO's Cybersoul City Web Site Features Interviews with Acclaimed Directors Spike Lee and John Singleton

February 10, 1998

CyberSoul City, HBO's Afrocentric Web site at, spotlights a CSC Exclusive interview with influential directors Spike Lee and John Singleton during February. The interview feature joins other new areas that focus on the arts and entertainment industry with an African American point of view.

  • CSC Exclusive -- This month, read what master storytellers Spike Lee and John Singleton have to say about their upcoming films on HBO "4 Little Girls" and "Rosewood." Capturing important events dealing with race relations, Spike Lee's HBO original documentary film "4 Little Girls" revisits the tragic 1963 Birmingham, Alabama church bombing that claimed four young lives. John Singleton's "Rosewood" depicts the injustices that occurred in an African American Florida community in 1923. In future months CSC Exclusive will spotlight other African Americans in the entertainment industry.
  • History -- A special feature for Black History Month, the area features headlines from across the U.S. that demonstrate the unrest of the 1950s and 1960s. Also, learn about Greenwood, OK, a town once known as "Black Wall Street," which was destroyed by a race riot in the 1920s and one family's history affected by the outcome.
  • Opinions -- Let your words be heard and counted. During Feburary, express your opinions on race relations in America and how they have changed since the civil rights movement began. Look for other topics of social relevance each month.
  • Contest -- High school students can express themselves creatively by entering the "HBO Remembers 4 Little Girls" contest (click on the "4 Little Girls" photo on the homepage). Open to students in grades 9 through 12, the contest gives students a chance to express their thoughts and feelings on the bombing and racial intolerance through song, rap, essay, music, art, poetry, video, sculpture and other art forms. Download applications and send in entries by March 20, 1998. Four grand prize winners will be rewarded for their efforts with $5,000 scholarships, a framed certificate, and recognition via special ads in national publications. For more information on this historic event, read HBO and Lifetime Learning System's high school educational guide, also found by clicking on the "4 Little Girls" photo.
  • Gallery -- Showcasing individuals in the arts and entertainment industry, the Gallery will introduce the works and words of a new person each month, who also gives advice on entering their respective field. Featured this month is Michael Cummings whose intricate, hand-made quilts tell stories using cultural themes, life experiences and international issues. See some of his work on the site, including a quilt commissioned by HBO for "4 Little Girls."
  • On HBO -- Highlighting top programming each month, like "4 Little Girls" and "Rosewood" in February, the site will also present new monthly "man-on-the-street" interviews where fans will get a chance to give their rap on a number of programs featured on HBO. This month, read what people have to say about "Mars Attacks!," "Heat," and HBO original movies "The Josephine Baker Story" and "Soul of the Game."

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