Leading Responsibly

Time Warner has been reporting comprehensively on corporate social responsibility longer than any other major media company based in the U.S. Our leadership team remains committed to informing stakeholders about corporate responsibility at Time Warner, our principles and practices, and key things that we have learned by listening to an increasingly diverse community of stakeholders.

Corporate Responsibility Throughout the Company

Corporate responsibility is embedded throughout Time Warner, including in the integrity of our journalism, the diversity of viewpoints we present, the creative freedom we encourage, and the intellectual capital of our employees.

At the highest level, Time Warner's corporate responsibility activities are overseen by the Nominating and Governance Committee of our Board of Directors. Time Warner's Chairman and CEO, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications each oversee various aspects of the company's corporate responsibility and diversity activities. On a daily basis, these activities are led by the Senior Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Chief Diversity Officer. We also engage with key internal and external stakeholders in all of our work.

Objectives and Stakeholder Engagement

In our 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, we identified objectives for improving our environmental sustainability, workforce diversity, and ethical sourcing. These objectives remain relevant for us today. On our website, you will find information about our environmental progress in the Making our Business Greener section, our progress on our diversity initiatives in the Telling the World's Stories and Supporting Our Workforce sections, and our work on ethical sourcing in the Leading Responsibly section. We understand that our efforts are a work in progress and there are opportunities to improve.


Cultivating diversity – of our content, products and people – is a business imperative for Time Warner.


Time Warner is committed to strong corporate governance practices that allocate rights and responsibilities among the company's stockholders, directors, and managers in ways that maximize long-term value for our stockholders. We frequently go beyond regulatory requirements to promote effective oversight and management of our company.

Ethical Sourcing and Supply Chain

Time Warner is a global company with a worldwide supply chain. We strive to be a responsible corporate citizen in the communities in which we, or our suppliers, do business.

Ethics and Compliance

At Time Warner, we are committed to fostering a business environment where fair, honest and respectful dealings with each other, our customers, competitors, suppliers, government agencies and communities are everyone's responsibility. Our unwavering commitment to high ethical standards of business conduct is a core value that is strongly supported at every level of management.

Political Activities

Political Activity — Policies, Oversight and Disclosure

Recognition and Awards

We are honored by the recognition of our peers and respected external organizations for our efforts to be a responsible corporate citizen.