Investing in Our Communities

Creating Opportunities Through Community Investment

As a leading media and entertainment company, Time Warner helps tell the world's stories to a global audience. Therefore, cultivating diversity – of our content, products and people – is a business imperative. We believe that people from all backgrounds bring important values and qualities to our company's brands and content.

This commitment to diversity is also at the heart of our company's philanthropy. Through Time Warner's community investments and the Time Warner Foundation's targeted philanthropic programs, our objective is to create opportunities for talent to flourish and diverse voices to be heard.

Volunteerism is a part of our culture — whether through paid time off for volunteer service or recognition of extraordinary public service, Time Warner's company-wide employee engagement programs reflect the exceptional talents and passion of Time Warner's workforce.

Taken together, Time Warner's philanthropic and employee initiatives and the Time Warner Foundation's philanthropic programs have made a real impact in our communities, helped us attract great employees, and bolstered our reputation as a home for innovative talent.

Click through the following links to learn more about Time Warner's community investments and the Time Warner Foundation:

Community Investments

Time Warner understands the importance of investing in our communities to help secure a sustainable future for our company. As a media and entertainment company, we seek to inspire our community and employees through programs that broaden access to the arts and create a dynamic culture of giving back.

Employee Engagement

We engage our employees and use our collective resources to work together to improve our world. We do this through a variety of local, national and global programs that are meant to provide assistance to employees who want to give back.