Lucy Loveless

Coordinator, Corporate Communications, Time Warner Inc. (New York)


Previous Role
Executive Assistant, HBO (New York)

Lucy joined HBO 3 years ago in a temporary capacity and immediately began her exploration within the company for the right full-time opportunity. She also quickly began building her network of supporters, including the VP of Distribution. When this VP took on a new role as the VP of Talent Acquisition, she tapped Lucy to join as her Executive Assistant.

After 2 years as an EA at HBO, Lucy joined Time Warner’s Corporate Division as the Corporate Communications Coordinator, providing a tremendous development opportunity for her, and one that draws directly on Lucy’s love of the news, media, and specifically social media. The role has a variety of responsibilities including internal and external communications, event management, correspondence with journalists, and executive support.

Was your Manager helpful in your exploration of internal opportunities?

"Extremely. We had an open dialogue about my development and future opportunities within the company, and she was supportive of my exploration and helpful in decisions."

How did your previous role at HBO prepare you for this role with Time Warner’s Corp Comm team?

"My EA role was in a high-volume and high-intensity environment that required a lot of support for the executive and the function. I also got to know a lot of the key players in the organization, so I have a good base of knowledge that is directly applicable to my new role. Prior to HBO, I had worked in events, Public Relations, and even worked at a radio station in Michigan. I majored in Communications at NYU as an undergrad and I’m currently in a Master’s program majoring in Cinema studies."