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At Time Warner, we strive to hire and retain a workforce as diverse as our customer base. Get to know Time Warner through its employees' unique voices.

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Dan's Story
HBO, New York City

When asked why he loves what he does, Dan said, "I like creating things and solving problems, and seeing my work viewed by millions of people around the world."

Olivier's Story
Warner Bros., London

Working for WB Games allows me to be involved in the entire value chain of my products, which is the best experience a marketer can aspire to. Time Warner really understands the nuances of globalization and incentivizes employees to think global but yet act local.

Rohith's Story
Time Warner, New York City

“I like being at the forefront of media. Our company is doing cutting-edge things in terms of media, and being able to work on those projects, along with being put in a position to learn new skills on the fly is a rewarding culture to be a part of.”

Yvonne's Story
Time Warner, New York City

“Time Warner has a strong, positive culture with challenging work. Everyone is working towards a common goal together. There is constant change, but it’s for the best.”