Going Green

Many of our businesses have been addressing environmental issues for decades. Much work has already been done at each of our divisions to reduce usage and emissions. In the past two years, our divisions have altered their infrastructures and changed their business processes and procedures, with the goal of reducing energy use.

Divisional Green Practices & Initiatives

In addition to addressing climate change and energy efficiency, our company's environmental stewardship activities include our waste reduction initiatives and green building design.

Our television and film businesses have produced scores of stories and many movies addressing pertinent environmental issues.

Below are additional examples of how each of our companies is making a difference:



HBO works with a kitchen-grease disposal company to recycle 100% the cooking oil used in the network's New York City cafeteria into high energy fat for use in animal feed or biofuel that can replace fossil fuel in industrial environments. HBO also donates set materials to various nonprofit organizations as part of its recycling program and created an in-house Environmental Awareness Handbook that provides various tips on reducing the environmental impact of HBO productions.

Time Warner Corporate

Energy Conservation

Time Warner occupies approximately one-third of the Time Warner Center building in New York City. The complex, which houses CNN broadcast space, corporate offices, and a conference center, was designed to require 35% less energy than the usage allowed by the New York State energy code. Among multiple environmentally friendly practices, unused lights in the conference center are kept off when an event is not occurring and plasma TVs are turned-off after hours in an effort to conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Clean Air Commuter Program

Turner encourages employees at its Atlanta headquarters to find green alternatives to their daily commute by providing employees with a menu of environmentally responsible options. Employees who participate in Turner's Clean Air Commuter Program can select their preferred method of travel from a variety of options. These include a van-pool effort that matches groups of employees by neighborhood and provides van service for group transportation to and from the office; assistance in identifying carpool partners and special parking privileges for carpoolers; access to a Guaranteed Ride Home, a program that provides complimentary transportation if unforeseen circumstances such as working overtime or needing to pick up a sick child from school interfere with planned commute alternatives; and free weekly public transportation passes.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

Solar Powered Building

In 2004, Warner Bros. retrofitted the International Television Distribution (ITD) building in Burbank, CA. This retrofit cut energy use in the building by 40% and subsequently earned it a 2006 Green Building of the Year award from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).

Other Initiatives

To learn more about some of the latest ways Warner Bros. is going green, click here to view a segment previously aired on cnn.com.

What's Next?

We view our company-wide environmental work to date as the first phase in a larger effort. As we continue this effort to reduce our greenhouse- gas emissions we are already:

  1. Evaluating the feasibility of including international facilities and other emission sources in GHG measurements and reduction efforts
  2. Increasing company-wide employee awareness
  3. Reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  4. Piloting reduction programs