07 Sep 2017 Are You Ready for...It??
A throng of gloomy kids bedecked in yellow slickers and clutching that telltale red balloon greeted the cast of It as they filed off a school bus for the film’s LA premiere this week. Directed
06 Sep 2017 HBO Seeks Asian Pacific American Visionaries
HBO is offering emerging filmmakers of Asian and/or Pacific Islander descent an extraordinary opportunity to showcase their work. The 2018 Asian Pacific American Visionaries short film competition is
05 Sep 2017 A Quarter Century of Awesomeness
Time flies when you’re watching Cartoon Network’s awesome animation. What began in 1992 as a channel devoted to cartoon classics like Tom and Jerry and The Flintstones is now a hotbed for
05 Sep 2017 Celebrating Ellen's 15th Season
Can you imagine television without Ellen DeGeneres? We can’t either. Her eponymous show has been a daytime staple since 2003, garnering countless fans and dozens of Emmys. And now we have a
31 Aug 2017 Watch the First Prequel to Blade Runner 2049
The minds behind Blade Runner 2049 have created a primer of sorts to get us up to speed on the events between 2019—when the original sci-fi classic ended—and 2049.
30 Aug 2017 James Franco Talks The Deuce
Back in the 1970s, the only entertainment you’d find in New York’s Times Square was of the... er,  "adult" variety.
29 Aug 2017 Help Powerpuff The World
The Powerpuff Girls want to know what your inner superhero looks like. Enter Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff The World contest to see your art featured online, plus the chance to win assorted
28 Aug 2017 GoT’s Game Revealed
We know you’re still reeling from Game of Thrones’ astonishing season finale last night. The action-packed closer delivered on double crossing, dragons and romance, all of which has us
28 Aug 2017 LiTTeral Issue 3: Alana Gordy
This post originally appeared on the Turner blog. 
25 Aug 2017 Allison Goldberg Talks Corporate VC
Allison Goldberg, Group Managing Director and Senior Vice President for Time Warner Investments, took to the "airwaves" this week to talk shop on Harry Stebbings’ Twenty Minute VC 
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