16 Mar 2017 Funding Future Filmmakers
The Time Warner Foundation and the Brooklyn College Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema share a common mission: to cultivate new voices in the film and television industries. This shared
12 Jan 2017 A Decade of Supporting New Voices
The Time Warner Foundation is celebrating ten years of supporting the next generation of storytellers. The Foundation, under the leadership of President Lisa Garcia Quiroz and a board of
02 Aug 2016 Guest Post: Listen To Their Voices
For almost its entire 10-year history, Time Warner Foundation has been a supporter of Reel Works, a leader in discovering and nurturing new and diverse voices in film.  As an extracurricular and
02 Dec 2015 Congrats Ryan Coogler!
Ryan Coogler, pictured above, introduced himself to the film industry back in 2013 with the debut of his film Fruitvale Station at the Sundance Film Festival. It was the first film since 2009's
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