25 Sep 2017 Watch the Second Prequel to Blade Runner 2049
In August we introduced you to the first of three prequel shorts for Blade Runner 2049. The trilogy provides a glimpse into events between 2019—when the original Blade Runner left off—and
31 Aug 2017 Watch the First Prequel to Blade Runner 2049
The minds behind Blade Runner 2049 have created a primer of sorts to get us up to speed on the events between 2019—when the original sci-fi classic ended—and 2049.
17 Jul 2017 The Future Is Unearthed
If you haven't seen it yet, a new Blade Runner 2049 trailer dropped this morning, and it's a doozy.  Check it out above, and steel yourself:  The future arrives in theaters October 6
26 Jun 2017 Go Behind the Scenes of Blade Runner 2049
Sure, you have to wait until October to see Blade Runner 2049 in theaters, but take heart: Join Ridley Scott, Denis Villeneuve, Ryan Gosling, and Harrison Ford now as they discuss Warner
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