12 Apr 2018 A Message from the Ladies of Claws
TNT's Claws is back, and the fierce women of the Nail Artisans of Manatee County are now under new management – the Russians.
28 Mar 2018 Their Kingdom Come
Turner's TNT has released the latest trailer for season three of Animal Kingdom, which you can see above (just so you know:  It's a show for adults, so there might be some choice language
17 Jan 2018 The Alienist: Get to Know the Cast
TNT's The Alienist premieres soon, so why not take a moment and get to know a couple of the stars?  Meet Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.
31 Jan 2017 Coming Soon to TNT
It may be the dead of winter, but you can warm yourself with thoughts of hot new and returning shows this summer, courtesy of TNT and its bold new focus on original dramas.
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