18 Apr 2018 Celebrating Superman's 80th
As comic book fans and Superman devotees know by now, this week—Wednesday, April 18 to be exact—marks the 80th anniversary of the very first Superman comic, better known as Action Comics
18 Apr 2018 MAD Is Back: All-New, Somewhat-Familiar
In celebration of the relaunch of MAD Magazine and this week's debut of a new issue no. 1, America’s #1 humor magazine is revealing a new kind of MAD-ness with its first-ever digital channel
03 Apr 2018 Super Awesome: Watch the Library of Awesome Event
A couple weeks ago we told you about the Library of Congress' "Library of Awesome" event celebrating the 1000th issue of the seminal DC Comics series Action Comics and Superman's
26 Mar 2018 DC Announces Five-Project Deal with Frank Miller
Comics Legend Frank Miller is continuing his relationship with DC Comics with a five-project deal announced last week by DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee.
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