01 Nov 2016 Some Pretty Faces Got Demonized
You probably have a Halloween hangover by now, but we had to share the results of Adult Swim's awesome Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell  Snapchat tie-in.
04 Aug 2016 Legalize Ranch Hits NY in Time for Eric Andre Premiere
In celebration of The Eric Andre Show season four premiere on Friday, August 5 at midnight, Adult Swim opened a pop-up ranch dispensary (themed after Eric’s “Legalize
29 Jun 2016 Trending: Adult Swim Emoji
Adult Swim and millennials have always spoken the same language. Now, thanks to new emoji, they can share their views with the rest of the world (We happen to think this is​ a great
27 Jun 2016 Adult Swim Premiere Dives Into Vine
Brad Neely's Harg Nallin' Sclopio Peepio. The name says it all.
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