20 Jul 2017 Holy Batmobile(s), Batman!
Justice League’s premiere is still four months away, but fans at this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con are getting a special in-person preview of the coveted Batmobile.
17 Jul 2017 Alien-Ish Week Celebrates People of Earth's Return
This week, TBS is gearing up for the return of comedy series People of Earth with a celebration of all things sci-fi, alien and generally extraterrestrial. Tune into the network for “Alien-Ish
17 Jul 2017 The Future Is Unearthed
If you haven't seen it yet, a new Blade Runner 2049 trailer dropped this morning, and it's a doozy.  Check it out above, and steel yourself:  The future arrives in theaters October 6
12 Jul 2017 Create Some "Evil" This Summer
Are you an aspiring filmmaker with a taste for the macabre? If so, James Wan and the masters of Annabelle and The Conjuring Universe have the perfect summer project for you.  
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