25 Oct 2016 A "Wonder"-ful U.N.Ambassador
The world's number one superhero (at least as ranked by Entertainment Weekly) has a new superlative to add to her resume.
25 Oct 2016 Westworld Gets "Real"
Dive into some of Westworld​'s central themes—who and what's real, and who and what's humane—in the video above, which explores the show's portrayal of artificial
24 Oct 2016 Bewkes & Stephenson Visit CNN's New Day
Check out the video above, in which Time Warner Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes and AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson talk with CNN's Christine Romans about AT&T's recently
24 Oct 2016 #HBOWomenInTech Hold Court in Houston
The 2016 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing wrapped up Friday after four days of career fairs, seminars, labs, forums, learning opportunities and networking for more than ten thousand
22 Oct 2016 AT&T to Acquire Time Warner
In this video for Time Warner employees, Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes discusses today’s agreement to join with AT&T. You can also read the full press release here.
20 Oct 2016 Consumer Experience = Great Advertising
We're living in an age when technology is changing the TV experience as we know it, and Turner Ad Sales President Donna Speciale is at the forefront of the change.
19 Oct 2016 Filling Up the B&C Hall of Fame
TNT's iconic Inside the NBA last night joined the ranks of such heavyweights as 60 Mintues, Mad Men, and The Simpsons when it was inducted into Broadcasting & Cable's Hall of Fame. Fellow
18 Oct 2016 John Martin Talks TV's Future
Yesterday, Turner CEO John Martin visited The Paley Center for Media to speak with The Financial Times' Matthew Garrahan about the state of the industry.
14 Oct 2016 Sharing the BFF Summit’s 20-year Journey
Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes joined this week’s Black Filmmaker Foundation Summit in Dana Point, California to mark the event’s 20th anniversary and talk about why Home Box Office and Time
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